5 Ways Yoga Changed My Life in a year

There are some things that people can try to better themselves, either through their lifestyle, their health, or just their self-confidence. Some of these are very unhealthy, like size zero dieting, and some of them are simply very rigorous, such as taking to the gym to get yourself a six pack. When I decided I wanted to better myself in some way, and then further decided on going through the health route, there was no better option for me than yoga.

It just appealed to me, I guess. Weightlifting and doing random exercises on those inflatable rubber balls just seemed kind of pointless to me, and I knew I would never be able to keep to it even if I tried. No, my attention span was too short, so I knew yoga was the way to go.

I never expected, however, just how much it would change and teach me. I walked into my first class expecting something fun to occupy my lazy days, but instead I found a teacher of valuable life lessons.


Yoga has a lot of breathing exercises, and when applied to everyday life, they help one calm down a lot more than a margarita will. As well, patience is a key factor in yoga, because of course, you’re not going to master a challenging pose on day one – but when you waver, wobble, and fall out of a pose and onto your butt, there’s no frustration or crying about it. You simply nod, get up, and try again.

As well, I’ve noticed that I’ve just been calmer after starting to practice yoga. I suppose that its teachings and values of patients have wormed their way into my head and made themselves as comfortable as I am in my yoga pants.


Trusting that the best will happen, as well as focusing on visions of success and happiness, are much more likely to happen when you focus on them instead of the worst case scenarios. It’s kind of like karma in that aspect – if you send out positive thoughts about what might happen in the future, positive things will come back to you and happen in the future.

I’ve found that, when I expect things to go my way, I’ll be that much happier when they do go my way instead of only relieved that they didn’t go wrong. And even if they do go wrong, I’m much more likely than before to focus on the things that may have gone right.


Yoga works on the navel center, which is the core area and the site of the third chakra. The third chakra is responsible for building resolve, willpower, and confidence. As well, since yoga is a kind of workout, I naturally started eating healthier, which made me a lot more comfortable in my body even though it might not have changed much. See Yoga Burn reviews and determine if it will be a good home-based workout solution. So whether you prescribe to a spiritual view of the world or a purely physical view, yoga has positively influenced my confidence either way.

I’m much more likely to say yes to things that I would have been terrified to do before, either because of the fear of failure or because of the fear of getting hurt or humiliated. My wardrobe has become a lot more diverse and inclusive of different styles and colors, and I’m not as afraid as I was to go out with friends and have fun.


Acceptance is an important part of anyone’s life, because if you don’t accept the way something is, you can’t take any steps to change it. After I had started yoga, I found acceptance in who I was and who I am becoming. There’s no more whining about things I’d like to change about myself, because as far as I’m concerned, everything about me is exactly the way it should be. And even if I find something that I would like to change, such as not being flexible enough for a particular pose, there’s still no whining – I simply accept the truth and then allow that I can take steps to change it.


That means I bow to the divine in you, and it’s an acknowledgment that everybody everywhere has something amazing inside of them just waiting to be brought out. That’s what yoga is all about, after all: taking what’s inside and bringing it outside.


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